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ccMapper0.05Beta - First Release!!
(05-14-2016, 10:36 AM)ElCapitan Wrote: great...
yeah the wizard tower lvl 6 and archer lvl 10... i dont think i had scans of those... but i do now thanks to the image captures i been getting from everyone...
i can see the spots where a few of the walls failed to be placed... you also ran it at speed of 10 which is pretty slow - so i dont get why it miss these spots... i'll keep tweaking it... thanks...

Thank you so much. The program does not finish building. Could you add support
we can translate into Russian, it is impossible to add new translation? We have a lot of subscribers Smile
What to do? The registry file ccMapper_860x732 added.

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during construction, the bot stops and does not continue to build , help!
thanks. il test for now Big Grin
BlueStacks start writing does not work
a time saving tool. ty

is it possible to copy the war base of the opponent as it used to be in XMod, mostly required for training before going for actual attack....
BlueStacks 2

Windows 10

It doesn't work
Please update for memu because bs2 not work in windows 10
Please update for memu because bs is very slow and very much memory

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