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ccMapper0.05Beta - First Release!!
Thanks for this..!
how can i down this
thx bro
(11-26-2016, 01:28 AM)ylmzzbey Wrote: thx bro

still work?
Please publish a valid cownload link for CcMapper
please give a link
please give a link
please give a link
please give a link
(05-13-2016, 10:30 AM)ElCapitan Wrote: Hello...  ElCapitan here...  Big Grin
Wow... Thank you all for all the props... This is all a bit new to me... Was going to release this much earlier but I got pretty busy.. then had to go away...

Please use the forums for any problems... My personal base is a maxed out TH 9... as such,  this beta will only work correctly if you have a maxed out TH 9 (or TH 11 that i also did some capture on)...  This will change quickly though because i have all you guys as Beta Testers!.. Just click the 'Capture' button in the lower right... this will scan all your buildings and upload them to my server... I will then release a new 'images.dat' file for you to use...

  • Windows XP or Above

  • Internet Explorer 9 or better.  Here.

  • BlueStacks App Player.

Download from Official Site.
Download rooted BlueStacks2 from Mega.
Download rooted BlueStacks2 from UploadBoy

[*]BlueStacks must be set to resolution of 860x732.  Run the 'ccMapper_860x732.reg' thats inside the 'Misc' folder then restart computer. You only need to do this once.

How to Use:
Just select a map from the list and click the 'Map Now' button.  DO NOT move mouse or use keyboard during mapping.  If you see a lot of structures not being properly dropped then slow it down by adjusting the speed to a higher number.

Possible improvements for next version
- Capture images that you upload will be incorparated into a new 'images.dat'. Use this to replace the old one in the 'images' folder.
- Speed and Accuracy can be greatly improve I think once I figure out how to use Android ADB.  This will also free your mouse and keyboard for you to do other things.
- Inclusion of maps from http://www.clashofclansbuilder.com and http://www.warclans.com and possibly others.
- Scan and Upload any of your current layouts in Clash of Clans!.. Edit maps for your clan mates!!.. No need to edit the map on an external website... of course this just a thought right now.. but i dont see why not..

Cheers... Cool

    Capture button has to be clicked while on an empty map to scan all the buildings at the bottom of the map editor... I got a few unusable scans... Tongue

** update 05/16/16
Include updated images.dat - only a few more images needed..
Less frequent "Error Contacting Server".  Click 'map now' to try again - no need to restart program.

** update 05/14/16
now includes updated image.dat file to better detect your buildings... thanks to all the testers...
где скачивать???

where to download ???

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